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How to change caption of relationship w/o changing it's name?


I just installed TDM Freeware version and have one question regarding relationship names. When I define caption for relationship automatically is also defined same name on the right side. What is Ok.

When I later reopen dialog and try to make caption more descriptive from the form e.g. “FK_ChildTable_ParentTable” into e.g. “contain” name also change what of course I don’t want.

I noticed that in one model button between (Synchronize Caption and name properties) is enabled and in another is not (where I have this problem). But for Attributes this logic work ok in both models. Is this a bug or I set something inside settings which change this behavior?

How can I set that name will change only if I press button between these two textboxes?


Hi Slavko,

yes, the behaviour of the sync button is in some scenarios let’s say not much helpful, but there are scenarios where it is helpful a lot. Consider building up a new model on one side and Reverse Engineering a db on the other side.

Anyway, you can switch the Synchronization off, but you have to have Naming Conventions set up. Can you work with Naming Conventions? On tab General, uncheck Automatic Synchronization.

And the behavior is that once you change the relationship Name compared to Caption, the button remains active from then on and you can also change Caption then. It’s a useful behavior when building up a new model. As I have already written above, you can use Naming Conventions to switch the Automatic Synchronization off and thus solve your problem.


Thanks for your tip Lukas. I enabled Naming convention now and I will see what side effect will have that. because there are now full of new options.

I also noticed if I click in Name field on the right side, pressing e.g. space key and then delete that space, then Caption will not be synchronized to the name field what actually solve my problem too. But is interesting why this sync happen only on some fields and not at all. What reason/cause actually trigger that?


You mean that the Caption Name sync happens only with some objects? Can you give me an example? I know about that once you edit Name, you can edit Caption then withou changin the Name anymore.

And the use of Naming Conventions just to disable Caption Name sync shouldn’t have any side effect.