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Formatter does not align predicates in on clause of merge statement



this relates to Beat of Toad for Oracle.

In the merge statement in the example below, the AS clauses are aligned. This is ok.
The equal signs in the update sub-clause are aligned also aligned. This would be more apparent if I’d have used names of different lengths. But the alignment is ok.

Yet the equal signs in the ON clause are not aligned. Looks rather strange to me:

I know operators in ON clause predicates are not aligned either. So in a sense this is consistent.
But still it seems inconsistent within the context of the merge statement having proper alignment in other subsections of the statement.

Are there any plans for adding code to align the operators in ON clauses?

Kind regards,
Abe Kornelis


Hi Abe,

Requests for alignment of the equal signs is not new.

I’m currently in the process of consolidating all open issues related to alignment, and making a global plan to be immediately followed by implementation. This should take a few weeks. Please allow me to come back to you post when I’m through.




thanks for the feedback. I’m glad to know that work is in progress.

My apologies for the lack of follow-up on your earlier posts. It’s been quite busy, or rather: hectic.

I’ll be happy to discuss formatter options whenever we both can spare some time :slight_smile:

Kind regards,


Hi Andre,

I am also looking for the formatting option for “alignment of the equal sign”.

I saw your message that you are working on it.

Any idea when we can expect the update.

I am really excited to see that change.




Hi Satchuta,

Work got somewhat delayed but I’m wrestling myself through it…




I appreciate your effort in getting this done and taking time to reply to my message in your busy schedule.

Thank You



Hi Andre,

Just checking to see if this is fixed in the latest toad version ?