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Formatter fails to align values in value clause


This relates to Beta of Toad for Oracle.

Formatter options for all VALUES list is set to “Stacked on more than 1 column”
with parentheses option set to 2, 5. And yet I get the following fragment:

values (‘MASTER_EVENT’ – poll name,
, 0 – poll_seq
, ‘OUTBOUND’, ‘OMS’ – application_name
, 10 – sleep-interval
, ‘DOWN’, ‘Nodebug’, null – current_transaction
, current_date, null – job_id
, null – sessionid
, null – paddr
, ‘Yes’ – save_messages
, ’ ’ – send_messages
, null – maint_sid

Is this fixable, please?

Kind regards,
Abe Kornelis


This is a regression on our side indeed in version 5.321 indeed. What you see now is that the values clause wrongly borrows the list arrangement settings for expressions, which in your case are set to stack on 99 items. Hence all items are output on a single line - and due to the end-of-line comments this becomes a ragged “line”.

Sorry for this, it will be fixed as soon as you get qp5 version 5.323 in a future beta.

Thanks for reporting this issue,