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Formatter issue



I formatted one of my triggers and got misalignment on the trigger’s when clause predicates:

create or replace trigger iib_krg.sfsytextlang_class234_raiud
after insert or update or delete
on ehda.sfsytextlang (when cmptname between ‘CLASS1’ and ‘CLASS4’
and cmpttype = ‘CVA’
and langcode = ‘ENG’)
for each row

Would it be feasible to modify the formatter’s behaviour, so that the predicates in the when clause align properly?
Preferentially, I would like to see the when clause starting on a line of its own, then the usual formatting rules can be applied to its component predicates.
Otherwise, the when clause can be left on the same line as the on clause, but then the predicates on the subsequent lines should move to the right to align with the first predicate in the when clause.

any comments or suggestions appreciated.

Abe Kornelis


To all,

my apologies. I had missed the syntax error that was reported by the formatter.

Now that the syntax is ok, formatter behaves fine.

Sorry to have bothered you.