Formatter options

We posted the workaround/solution earlier. Here it is again


  1. Close Toad for Oracle.
  2. Rename the FmtOptions.exe file, located in the C:Program FilesQuest
    SoftwareToad for Oracle 10 folder, to FmtOptions.exe.old.
  3. Place the FmtOptions.exe file that is attached to this solution in your Toad
    for Oracle 10 folder.
  4. Launch Toad and select View | Formatter Options.
    4b) close Formatter Options (otherwise you get a cannot delete dialog box)
  5. Without closing Toad, remove the FmtOptions.exe file you put in your Toad for
    Oracle 10 folder and rename the FmtOptions.exe.old back to FmtOptions.exe.

This should be fixed in the next patch release. There is a work-around stated on
support link (I can’t remember what it is off the top of my head)