Can't start Formatter; aborts with 10.1

After installing 10.0 and the 10.1 patch I can no longer get the Formatter Options to start (I get an unhandled win32 exception and FmtOptions.exe crashes). Any suggestions?

Forget it, figured it out. I still have 9.7 installed and for some reason 10.1 was trying to call the old version located in the 9.7 folder. I moved the fmtoptions.exe and dll out of the 9.7 program files folder and now it works.

I think this begs the question of whether or not you’re supposed to be able to have multiple versions of Toad installed or not, and if not, then the installer should remove the old version for you before installing the new one.

We can’t promise anything, as I don’t think anyone could reproduce this issue in-house, but we will be supplying new formatter options with the next patch release (early December) which we think will fix this issue.

Oops, missed your “figured it out post” Troy. At any rate, there is an error we are fixing in formatter options for the patch.