Formatter size limit?

Have been running into a consistent issue where on large PL/SQL Packages the Formatter appears to execute but doesn’t format. I can format procedures/functions individually, but this can become tedious.

Is there a size or length limit where the Formatter will not format?

Thanks in advance for the assistance!

Hey James!

Not that I know of, but you can send it to me. I know you know my email address. :smiley:


Hey John, yes I do!

I would send it if I could, but it’s work related and therefore confidential. I can try to mock something up but that may take a few.

That’s why I asked as just a general question.

One suggestion - you could start with the package that's having problems and do a lot of search and replace on table/column/procedure names so that they are unrecognizable (using a lot of O's, 0's, Q's, 1's, and l's.


James, you could rule out possible Editor buffer issues here by adding the file to the PM, then r-click and format. This should take away at least some overhead and narrow down the issue to just the formatter engine if it still happens.

I tried what you suggested and the Formatter performed flawlessly when called from the PM.

I will also say that form that point forward the Formatter began to work from the Editor as well, which is especially odd.

Thank you for the work around, should this issue reoccur!