Formatting of CREATE TRIGGER code

The column list separated with commas is just listed in one long row after the “BEFORE UPDATE OF” keyword. I’ve over 20 columns in the list, it’s very hard to read the code in that format.
Do you have any setting to this situation that I haven’t noticed? I wanna columns list generated row by row after the keyword.


Are you talking about how it comes out without formatting, or after you format it?

Without formatting - that section of the trigger DDL will be exactly as it was when the trigger was created. But when I send it to the editor and format it, that section does come out one column per line. I’m just using the default formatting options, but I don’t know which option would control it. One of the other devs would know.

I’m talking about load the trigger into the Editor and press the Code Formatter button on the toolbar.

Formatting of a column list in the BEFORE UPDATE OF clause is controlled by List Arrangements -> Columns and Variables in the formatter options.

I just tried it out and it seems to work.

Not sure what setting you currently have, and how wide you did set the right hand margin, but in order to have one row per line then select “Stacked on more than” and value “1”.

Mine settings is wrapped, the margin is set to 90. I thought margin setting forces some line break. The position of the last character in that row is 306.