Formula Suggestions in Calculated Field dropdown

Can someone please clarify what the formulas are (are these MYSQL commands?) and if so why they are so limited? I’ve had a look on a webpage for help with syntax and there are loads more available than are offered?

Is there anywhere in TDP Documentation that explains the syntax?


If you looking for SQL formulas try the Toad snippets, there are code snippets (View/Code Snippets) grouped by database platform. You can just drag and drop them right into your sql editor. You can also add to them (save your own snippets) or even use a shared location on your network for custom snippets that your whole group can use and add to (you set the snippet location in Tools/Options/Environment/Network Share.

Thanks GregDavis11009 - just what I was after. I’d still like to understand what formulas these are and where they come from?

Those are just what Toad provides, a bunch of commonly used items. I move between different database platforms (Sybase to Oracle to SQL Server) and date/time functions tend to have different syntax and names, so I created a folder in the custom snippets area called SQL Server and put in the Oracle name of the date/time function which drops in the SQL Server equivalent. I have 1st day of month, last day of prior month, last day of prior year, etc. functions that just make life easier. So when you find something good online save it as a snippet.