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How to use 'Code Snippets'


I’m relatively new to Toad.

This time I was looking for a function to ‘manipulate’ with time e.g. find the difference between 2 time events.

In ‘Code Snippets’ I found function I was looking i.e. DATEDIFF, It also stated the parameters it takes BUT it did not explain the format of one of the parameter i.e. _datepart

In order to find semantic or example of usage for this function I had to go to ‘Google’ and etc.

My question: am I missing something or it supposed to work that way that user should look additional information about the function rather than ‘Code Snippets’ itself?



Thank you. For now, the Code Snippets has some additional information when we focuse a script. Like below.


Hope this can help you. And I create TSS-909 for improve the additional info. We will disscuss about this and keep you update.

Thanks again.


Thank you