Fragmented Indexes Error Code 13

Hi I have three SQL 2008 R2 Servers each being monitored with Spotlight Enterprise 11.7.1 and I am seeing this error only on one of the servers and I was wondering if this was a bug or if there was something not configured correctly?

The popup box has the following Collection by Fragmentation Index Failed: The SQL query has been executing for longer than it’s timeout limit but has not timed out. It maybe hung. No alarms currently raised.

When I go into the database and select the fragmented indexes this is the error I receive:

Fragmented Indexes
Component: Fragmented Indexes
The following error occurred while collecting data
The SQL query has been executing for longer than its timeout limit but has not timed out. It may be hung. [Error Code: 13].
Table: Fragmentation by Index
Occurred: 5/4/2017 10:22:30 AM

I appreciate any help or direction as I am new to Spotlight and I have walked through all 3 servers and all are configured the same for Spotlight.

Thank you!


This is actually an existing issue in Spotlight documented in this KB Article. You could see the timeout error in certain instances as cause of this issue. Issue scheduled to be fixed in our upcoming 12.0 release; look for it by end of the month. This release will have a revamped Fragmented Indexes drilldown with performance improvements to avoid such errors. You can find our product installers here.

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Hi Gita,

Thank you for your response. Is there something that I can do to eliminate this sooner than the end of the month? This is a core system for us and I would like to have an awareness of the fragmentation. I have this installed on two other systems with no issues so if I uninstall and reinstall the server to Spotlight could that resolve? I am just trying to understand the bug as I am planning on adding more servers to Spotlight and if I see the bug show up then I would like to try to eliminate it.

Thank you,


Hi Janice,

Uninstall and reinstalling most likely won’t affect the issue as it has to do with underlying scripts and how they handle your indexes. I’m sure our support team can help you with this and most likely provide a workaround. Please open a service request with our support team and our team will work with you on this.