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We’ve come up with an idea how we can be further of assistance to you - help and save your time.

PRE-Trial Offer

Do you search for a new database modeling tool? Do you wonder if TDM meets requirements of your business? Are you interested to know what features TDM has, how they work etc.?

AND at the same time:

Do you have just a little time for evaluation? Don’t you want to search for the info on the community or documentation?

-> We have a very simple solution for you. - Leave it up to us!
Just let us know your requirements, main purpose of using database modeling tool in your business, features, functionalities you need.
We will provide you with a straightforward reply within two workdays (at the latest). You will get the information you need - if the feature is supported, how it is called, where it is, how it works, reference to documentation, flash movie etc. OR if the feature/functionality is not supported, if it’s planned, implemented in next version etc.
Then you will see if Toad Data Modeler is worth your further evaluation. The rest will be up to you.

Take advantage of this offer, save your time and let us help you to select the right database modeling tool for your business.
First community visitors, old CS2 users who want to know anything about TDM and others, please do not hesitate to write us!
Our team is fully at your disposal!

What to do:

Simply click the PRE-Trial flash at:


And write us what your requirements/questions are.

!There are NO additional questions, NO questionnaire, NO survey.!


I know, you - our community members - are already advanced users of Toad Data Modeler. Nevertheless, possibly you have colleagues, friends who might be interested in our PRE-Trial offer. If so, please let them know.
Thank you for your great co-operation in advance!

We look forward to receiving your first questions!

Have a nice day.

Vladka + Vaclav + All TDM Team