Toad Data Modeler 3.5.10 FREEWARE Released


I’m happy to inform you that Toad Data Modeler 3.5.10 Freeware has been released.

Freeware version has some limitations. You can read about them in the following documents:

Toad Data Modeler 3.5.10 Freeware is valid until 21 August 2010.

To learn about new features and enhancements in Toad Data Modeler 3.5.10, please read the New in This Release document at:

To watch new movies, please visit:
Tip: Sort the movies by Title - Descending Order (see the new movies 42 - 47).


You can download the Freeware from:

If you have any questions, please write us back. Thanks.


Vladka + TDM Team