Toad Data Modeler 3 Version Officially Released!

Hello all!

Yes, it's here! Toad Data Modeler 3 version has been officially launched!

Please see below some helpful information for you.

New Features in TDM 3

Please browse the following website for more information on TDM3 features:

Or visit:

Release Notes information:

Note: The Release Notes document contains list of issues of TDM2 that were resolved for TDM3.

Feel free to watch TDM3 flash movies at:

TDM3 Download

Toad Data Modeler 3 is available in commercial and freeware version. Please read about differences between them at:

There is one installation package of TDM3 for both versions. After the installation, the product will run in freeware mode. You can use a trial key to start the 30-day trial period, or use a commercial key to switch to full TDM3 version.
The installation package contains documentation - Help file, User Manual and Reference Guide.

Download the official TDM3 v. from:

Firstly you will be asked to fill out a simple form and then:

  • you will be switched to Trial Download page (see the doc "Installation Guide"),
  • you will be automatically sent an email with trial authorization key. (Provided that you have an account at Quest. Otherwise, you need to create it.)

Before you run the installation, please read the Installation Guide first, particularly users of our Beta version.

Information for TDM2 Users

You can freely install TDM3 without previous uninstall of TDM2. Both product versions can be installed on your computer and no problem should occur.

Are you a user of DB2 UDB, Firebird etc... database?

  • Here's a list of databases supported in TDM3 v. MS SQL Server 2005, MS SQLServer 2000, MySQL 5, Oracle 10g, Oracle 9, PostgreSQL 8.2, PostgreSQL 8.1, Sybase ASE 15, Sybase ASE 12.5.

If TDM3 doesn't support your database, please keep using Toad Data Modeler 2 for now. We do work very hard on implementing support for other databases. Thank you for your patience!

Note: More details for TDM2 users on upgrade to TDM3 will be announced later.

Buy TDM3 and Get Support

Wondering what the price for TDM3 is? - It is $479.00. (Same as for TDM2). - What an attractive price offer for new/future users of Toad Data Modeler product! Get more comfortable modeling, much more powerful database modeling tool at the same price! So, do not hesitate to evaluate TDM3 now! :wink:

Where to Buy:
Please visit the site below and click 'Buy Now' on the right:

US and Canadian Customers can place an order directly via E-store:

Get Support:
For technical questions on TDM3, please contact Technical Support at

BETA Program Still Continues!

Other Beta versions for future TDM 3.1 version will be available in our Modeling community. As soon as a new Beta version is released, do not hesitate to download it, test new features and enhancements and drop by the featured discussions in our community forum.

BETA contest for future official version of TDM 3 has started out.
Challenge for you: Become the most active Beta tester and forum contributer!

For each major Beta release, you can win 25 USD Amazon Gift certificate.
Total winner will be awarded the iPod NANO.

You're welcome!

Note: Wondering who is the winner for TDM 3.0 beta testing period? See the announcement at:

We look forward to hearing from you!
Thanks in advance!


On behalf of our TDM team, I'd like to thank you all for your fantastic co-operation and support in our Modeling community during the first Beta testing period.

Do you remember when the first Beta 3.0.0 was released? - Mmm... was it by the end of March...? - Yes! Finally, the first official TDM3 release is here.
We believe you will find it much much improved and enhanced since the first Beta. Lots of bugs have been fixed, lots of suggestions have been implemented. Well, now we hope you like our product and enjoy using it. :slight_smile:
In any case, the Beta program continues. TDM 3 can be much better than now (and surely will :wink: ). So, please keep sharing your ideas, experise and knowledge with us. We appreciate it very much!

Enough of words...

Download, explore and enjoy TDM3!

Take care,

Vladka & TDM Team