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Freeware Import from Excel

Hello -- I am trying to import from an excel file with columns like:

Table Caption Name Data Type
adh.cm_dt_impressions user_id user_id STRING
adh.cm_dt_impressions event event RECORD
adh.cm_dt_impressions event. event_time event. event_time INT64
adh.cm_dt_impressions event. advertiser_id event. advertiser_id INT64
adh.cm_dt_impressions event. campaign_id event. campaign_id INT64

When I try to import it, however, it doesn't show any records in the 'name' or 'caption' fields in the pop-up box. And when I click import, it just shows 'finished', but nothing is created.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong.


Hello mike,

I think you are using your excel file.
However, Toad Data Modeler requires an excel file with a fixed format.

Figure 1. Prepared excel file for import (empty model).


  1. Create a new empty model.
  2. Export to Excel.
  3. Now, you received excel file with defined columns and sheets.
  4. You can insert your data to fields.
  5. Try import from excel.


Perfect. Thank you.