Export/Import CSV or Excell

Hi, I'm using TDM 6.3.2.
I try to import excell into Universal data model. I used exported excel, and after the import process nothing in shown in the model, it's shows the entities list while importing, but none of them actually imported, and the diagram still empty afterwards. Tried this with empty diagram with 1 entity and 1 attribute, the export works fine (the excel file shows the data) but when i try to load the exported file to a new model it's importing nothing. The same with CSV files.

Please help.

export/import is primary determined for import back to origin model (after some changes in comments etc.). So if you need to import exported model to another model, than you will delete all values from column Id in excel. First you need unlocked sheet.


Thank you:grinning:, now it's works perfect, never thought that the problem was because of ID fields...