FTP Connections folder not opening


When I attempt to open the FTP Connections folder (via: View/FTP Connections), it is not visible.

I can individual connections if I open an Automation and right click on the database activity.

I am running an unsupported version ( (64 bit) of Toad Data Point; otherwise, I would reach out to Toad support.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Michael Bellingham

A very old version indeed... upgrading to the latest version would be highly recommended.

But in case that's not possible, couple things to consider...

  1. Is your FTP panel docked somewhere, or perhaps hiding behind another window/panel?

  2. You can attempt to reset Windows locations to their default:

  1. Right-click anywhere in the menu pull down whitespace and choose Customize. Ensure that the FTP Connections is available in the "View" Command.

Gary, thank you very much for the suggestions. I gave them a try and the issue persists. While I can see the FTP Connections from View, when clicked, it is almost as if the tab popup is being blocked.

For now the work around, is to access the FTP connection through an automation script.

Again, thank you for the suggestion.

Our IT department is doing a review for version 5.7. I am looking forward to when it is available for install.


Michael B.