Functions incorrectly shown as invalid

Hi. I have glossed over this since 14.01 and now the newest beta. My functions show as invalid - but are not, as there are no errors identified. Compile invalid, either the universe or the individual, does not clear the icon. If I compile with DEBUGE option, well that's fine and dandy.
So, am I missing something or is this just unique to my instance. For reference the functions are user-defined in an IBM Maximo database.
This is more of incorrect identification vs being actually invalid.

I can't tell from your description if the object status is not refreshed after compile without debug, or if the icon in the schema browser disagrees with what Oracle shows in USER/ALL/DBA_OBJECTS. Which is it? Can you give a screen shot?

It is possible for an object to be invalid even if it does not have errors (for example, when one of the objects that it uses is altered).