invalid objects

how to compile all invalid objects to databace

invalid objects to databace

To recompile all invalid objects in a Schema using Toad, go to the Schema Browser and choose “Invalid Objects” as the object type. Rt-click and choose “Compile all Invalid PL/SQL Objects”. Toad will call DBMS_UTILITY.Compile_Schema. You’ll need to change the Schema Browser to whatever schema that has invalid objects and repeat.

If you really want to execute one command to recompile all invalid objects in the database, Oracle provides a script called utlrp.sql to do this. It’s on the server in RDBMS\admin folder. You’ll have to run that one as SYS.

Is it possible to run from toad script utlrp.sql

No. It needs to be run on the server from SQL*Plus, as SYS.