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Generate Change Script dialog painfully slow



My model has about 354 entities, 339 relationships etc.

I modified 2 tables in my model and I want to generate the change script to run it in the database.

I find the Generate Change Script dialog where I see all the differences very, very slow. It is slow to paint - I think it’s because of the elipsis buttons, everything behaves as if in slow motion, I see the buttons painting one by one. Clearing all the selections takes a long time, scrolling through the tables takes a long time. I tried to select multiple attributes in the source and the app crashed with an index out of range.

Do you have any tips for this dialog? Is there anything that you can do to improve the speed of the screen? What about getting rid of the buttons and use a context menu?

I am using TDM over RD on windows 2012. It’s not the fastest VM but still.




I have one tip for you. Toad Data Modeler can make change script only for one entity. It is faster. Right click on Entity on Workspace, choose “Change Script - Run” from context menu. First time you need to create settings for this action. This settings can be used later again. It is fast and design for minor changes on one entity.



Hi, Daril,

You have to do something with this dialog (the final Generate Change Script dialog). I am using it again and it is very slow when I scroll through the source tables. They are not even sorted by name (i.e. schema name + table name).

It is pain. You should add a filters to find quickly a table. Once again, the painting of the trees is done in slow motion when I scroll the trees (the tree on the right is scrolled first and eventually the tree on the left and the Operation column catch up).