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Generate Dataset Name using PART(3,3)

When Toad generates a DSN with PART, the dataset name is too long, so we use in our batch jobs this >> 'ZJDB.&DB..&TS..D&DATE..T&TIME..P&PART(3,3).'

But when I try to use the PART(3,3) in Toad it throws an error, so I remove (3,3) and now the dataset name is too long, which is why we use (3,3) Can you allow the use of PART(3,3) , I tried using it in the template and it didn't like it, so I generated the script and then modified it in Editor...then it wouldn't run due to the syntax.

Our scheduled batch jobs on z/os use the above naming standard, it would be nice to generate a script in Toad and be able to use it in a scheduled batch job.

Response from Quest support:
Toad for DB2 does not support sub-string notation within dataset templates.

Please VOTE this up.

Thank you,
Lyn M.