Generating a package...

Generating a package…

Hi all,

Is there a fast way to create a PL/SQL package from existing procedures with Toad 10 or do I have to go for bunch of copies and pastes ?
I haven’t seen anything obvious in the menus, icons or

Many thanks.


There’s a Refactor > Extract Procedure feature you could investigate,
but I don’t think it will do what you’re looking
for…it’s more for creating new procedures out of existing PL/SQL

OK, so the requested enhancement could be:

identify a set of procedures and functions by clicking on a list of
checkboxes showing the available ones

provide a package name

have Toad create a package and package body that includes them

perhaps with options for ordering them within the package and for deleting
the originals when done

Might be an interesting refactoring opportunity.

    • jim