New to Toad - Can it do this?

I've recently switched from SQL Developer to Toad. I truly love it, but there is one thing I keep looking for that I used in SQL Developer that I can't find and wondering if it exists and I'm missing it or not.

In SQL Developer when you have a package open in the editor, there is a button you press that pulls up the procs and funcs in the package and when you click on your choice, it will create a little procedure with a declare of the inputs/outputs, the call to the proc and an output of the out/return variables.

I know I can write this myself, but it is a time saver!

Can someone tell me if this exists and where it is?


I don't know if there is another way to do this in Toad, but here is one way:

  1. when the package is loaded in the editor, click main menu -> debug -> run*. (you can answer no to the prompt about compiling with debug)
  2. A dialog appears with all of the procs and funcs of the package. Pick one.
  3. If you want to specify values for any of the input variables, you can do that in the grid on the top (in the "input" column)
  4. CTRL+C the content out of the "Anonymous block code" tab.
  5. If you don't want to run the procedure, cancel out. If you do want to run it, click "Execute"

* Or right-click and choose one of these:

That's what I was looking for! Thanks!