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generating alter-script


I keep getting a “ran out of memory” error when trying to generate the alter-script. The demo at doesn’t load. I need help please!

I RE’ed a portion of our database, added 1 comment to a table, then saved that as a new model. Then I tried to generate the alter-script, and the memory comsumption just went higher and higher until it ran out. I’ve attached the two models.

Thank you in advance! You guys have been really helpful.



We’ll check it out and let you know tomorrow.
Thanks for your patience!


Vladka + TDM Team



please download the latest BETA version and try it. The BETA version contains a lot of improvements in how the convertor works. In next version the convertor will be improved significantly (functionality as well as GUI).

RE the demo page: please visit the following page:

and see movie at: