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Error - Alter script generation

Get the following error on alter script generation:
Error - Access violation at address 00499648 in module ‘TDM.exe’. Read of address 00000004

The database engine is SQL Server 2005.

TDM is version

Can anyone help me?


Hello Jorgen,

Could you send us the eurekalog ( to

You can also test your models. Please enable expert mode in Settings | Options, section General, check box Expert Mode. Then right click your model name in Physical Model Explorer/Application View and select Test Model from popup menu. See messages in Log/Message Explorer. If there is a problem, right click the model name again and choose Repair Model. This should fix some problems in your model. To make sure it helped, do Test Model again and try to do alter script generation once again.
If it doesn’t help, please let us know.


Hmmm…strange. I did the alter script generation today to generate the TDM.elf file and the procedure didn’t fail. Don’t know how many times I tried yesterday. Anyway…it all worked…hope it does next time as well…
Jorgen :slight_smile:

Hi Jorgen,

thank you for the information. It must have been something between heaven and earth. :wink:




I open this thread again because the problem has returned. Haven’t used the alter script generation since last time I reported the problem. I have tried it five or six times now. One time the script was generated (but it was not as I wanted it and I had to run again), the other times the error came up.

I’ve tried both ver. beta and

My os is Win 7 Professional 64 bit.

I have tried to find the tdm.elf file. Found one that was last changed 2. Nov. 2010 and I guess this file doesn’t contain information from today.


The problem has returned.


can you send us your models to, please?
Also, we would like to know your settings - there can be some object responsible for the problems.

Re access violation: Please send us Eureka Log or the TDM.elf file.

You can also try to test and repair your models.

Thank you for your cooperation,



I am sorry to have you made waiting so long but we thought that the problem hasn’t appeared anymore.

Nevertheless, we checked the models and AlterScript generation and haven’t experienced any AVs. They are most probably performance connected AVs. R&D Team has been working hard on improving overall behavior of AlterScript generation and achieved some serious advancements and the next Toad Data Modeler 4.1, which is going to be released last week in August, will already have these AlterScript improvements implemented. It should address most of the performance connected AVs thrown during AlterScript generation.
If you have a chance, try generating the AlterScript on some faster system to see if the AV still appears.
When the 4.1 version is out, please, let us know if it helps.