Generation of DDL containing only trigger code fails

I’ve been using the Freeware tool for some time now designing a DB. Apart from being frustrated to the point of desperation that customer bureaucraZy is slow in deciding whether to buy how many licences, I am also annoyed by what seems to be a bug.

When I want to generate the DDL code, and I only select the checkbox “Create Triggers”, the generated script file is effectively empty. When I co-select “Create Tables”, the resulting script file does contain the trigger code, but all triggers creation code is intertwined with table creation code, while I would prefer to see all CREATE TABLE statements listed first, followed by the CREATE TRIGGER statements.

Is there a way to get a script file containing only “CREATE TABLE” statements, and one containing only “CREATE TRIGGER” statements?

Hello Peter,

Yes, in current version of TDM there is a possibility to generate triggers after CREATE TABLE statement. This option is available for Oracle and PostgreSQL database.

Please feel free to download the latest trial version or Beta, open the DDL Script Generation dialog | Detail Settings tab and see the Create Triggers combo box where you can select:

  • After Each CREATE TABLE Statement
  • After CREATE TABLE Section

On tab What to Generate there is also a new option for item selection - Auto Check that is enabled by default. If you like to select only Triggers to generate (without entities), you have to disable this option. Then you will be able to select triggers only.
If you select only triggers, select the option After CREATE TABLE Section on tab Detail Settings then.


Trial v.:

Note on freeware: Unfortunately, last versions of Toad Data Modeler (that contain plenty of enhancements and new features) are not available in freeware version. I’m sorry.

If you have any questions, please write me back.


Vladka + TDM Team