Tables ONLY then triggers ONLY DDL script generation - HELP needed


How to setup “Generate DDL Script” to:

  • generate ONLY tables (entities) without triggers (I want to save this as ONLY_TABLES selection)
  • generate ONLY triggers without tables generation (I want to save this as ONLY_TRIGGERS selection) ?

When I select on “DDL Script Generation of …” window to generate Triggers only IT generates Tables too :-(((

Please Help,

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Toad Data Modeler:

  • File Version:
  • Licence Number: XXX-XXXXX
  • Licence Type: Permanent
    Remaining Days: n/a
    Expires On: n/a

Database: Db2 v.9 (LUW)

Hi Adam,

It is possible to generate tables only - without triggers, however, it is not possible to generate triggers without tables. This relates to all items that are within or “under” entities.

Unfortunately, there is no workaround or temporary solution for this. We will deal with this issue - it’s already been requested in CR # 46 975.

Thanks for your patience.



Hi Adam again,

I missed the most important point - write how to generate only the tables… :wink: Sorry.

So, simply select only the Entities checkbox in the Script Generation dialog | What to Generate tab. See the sub-items of the Entity and feel free to clear them.

You can save this OTP setting - please see how to do it in this flash movie (Expert Mode has to be turned on):

If you have ANY questions, please write me back. Thanks.