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Generating scripts


I have a problem with the DLL Script generation:

I would like to create the DDL Scripts for the indexes or the triggers separately from the entities, but somehow I cannot uncheck the entity checkbox without unchecking the indexes checkbox.
Same is for triggers.
This seems to be something which came with version, because I was able to generate triggers only before.
Am I missing something there???
Regards, Elke


Hi Elke,

on tab What to generate of the DDL Script Generation dialog you can see four buttons with icons.

Select All, Deselect All, Invert Selection and Auto Check. When the last button is enabled parent object will be checked whenever you check any child object.

To solve this, click the Auto Check button to turn this feature off, then check the Triggers checkbox or Indexes checkbox.




Hi Vaclav!
Thank you for answering so quickly! That was what I was missing!
Regards, Elke


You are welcome :slight_smile: