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Though it will be nearly impossible to reach 100% generation of the MySQL database objects based on a TDM Model I do wonder about the target Quest is reaching for with this product. I came from an Oracle corner and there you have Oracle Designer (a repository) where nearly 100% generation is doable. Does TDM target the same ideal?


thanks for your feedback.

Please write me what you think you cannot model in TDM3 for MySQL 5 databases? And what’s missing in the generate SQL script? We believe our product allows you to model your database structures in detail. For MySQL databases, you might need to generate e.g. CREATE DATABASE command. This is what you can write to the Before Script section. (Model | Model Properties - Before Script tab).

For Oracle databases, materialized views are not supported in the current commercial version. But we are working on the support for materialized views and this feature will be available in version 3.1 (will be released later in Q1/2008). In general, I think I cannot say 100% generation is doable, but I haven’t heard about anything that Oracle users need to model and TDM3 doesn’t allow them to do it. If you find something we don’t support, please let us know. We would be grateful for your feedback.

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I’ve requested support for Oracle Directory objects in another thread.

We depend heavily on views in our MySQL based products. Thats an area where some extra support would be very usefull. If I could base my view definition on the basetable columns that would be great, because that would allow me to regenerate the views after a basetable column has been changed without making modifications to the view. Besides that TDM could make use of these column references to display the views’ column definitions in the ER model.

So my question isn’t about particular objects that can’t be modelled, but lacking functionality on generating scripts based on objects already in the model. So my question should actually be: has TDM the potential or plans of growing towards a repository product?

I have used Quest products since the first day on the job (1st of july 1995) and I have never stopped using them. As I moved jobwise from Oracle to MySQL I was very happy to be able to start using TOAD again. TDM is another great tool in Quests product line. My compliments to Quest on their product line and community aproach! We appreciate it!


now I know what you meant, thank you for your explanation. RE views: we know it would be great to have such functionality in our product, but it’s relatively complicated, because we support multiple databases and every database allows you to use different range of commands in view definitions etc. We would need two different approaches, one similar to the current situation (views defined in text - users can define views in detail, without limitations, incl. all available database specifics etc.) and second similar to the one you request (visual definition of views). We will see if we manage to add the second possibility to the product in future (it depends on priorities, our capacity and other factors). Right now I cannot promise it will be added to the product. Thank you for understanding it.

In any case, TDM3 should allow you to define everything in your model and you should not be required to do manual changes in the final DDL script. And I think we are OK with this statement. :slight_smile:

RE repository: yes, we have a plan related to internal repository, but it’s priority is relatively low (compared to other features). We need to tune the software and finish other requests with higher priority first.

Finally let me thank you for your feedback. We are glad you like our product and please feel free to send us other ideas, suggestions and requirements. Your feedback is appreciated!!!

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Hi Malcolm,

yes, we know about your request. It’s in our system under CR# 43191. We will cerainly discuss it. Right now we are working on support for materialized views for Oracle - as you can see, we are ready to improve the current script. And users’ requirements help us to recognize better, what to do and how to set priorities. Plan for version 3.1 cannot be modified now, because this version will be released relatively soon - later in Q1/2008. We will see if your request will be added to our plan for the version after version 3.1.



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