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Getting Results to appear in Script Output window

I’m using TOAD for Oracle Xpert

I run a PL/SQL script, yet I cannot find the results in my Script Output window.
How do I get query results to show in the Script Output window. My Script Output window has two tabs ‘Output’ and ‘Environment’ neither displays the script output.

What are the data types involved? Do you at least get a row count?

How are you executing the script. F5 is for script execution. If you do
something like SELECT sysdate from dual; and press F5, do you get any output?

If by output, you mean, DBMS_OUTPUT, there is a separate tab for that too.

@GTDG: I press F5 to run my script. The script is a PL/SQL script with cursors etc…Last week when I ran the script, it showed the results in my Script Output window. Now, it doesn’t. I wonder if I somehow set a configuration somehow, somewhere…

@HillbillyToad: I do see the DBMS_OUTPUT window, and indeed the results are appearing in this window. However, DBMS Output tab label reads "DBMS Output (disabled).

@Matt.Wilkins: Dataypes are 95% varchar2 and I am getting my expected results in my DBMS Output window albeit labelled "DBMS Output(disbabled).

Try running the script in SQL*Plus or QSR. Any results there?

@matt.wilkins: I don’t have a working SQL Plus session. I ran the script last week and I Script Output showed the results. I think I lost a TOAD setting somewhere.

Running ‘set serveroutput on’ allows you to receive dbms_output.put_line results in the Script Output window.

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