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Getting Toolbars in a single line


I just now upgraded from Toad 12.7 to 12.10 and unfortunately a lot of UI settings did get lost. Overall this is not really a problem, just a minor nuisance. One thing though seems to be broken:

I can not get all toolbars into a single line as I used to. Below I attached a screenshot of my toolbar line in Toad 12.7

And this one is from Toad 12.10 - as you can see, the best I can get is 2 separate lines.

Thanks in advance for any help or information!



Hello Kuvick,

By default, the Editor toolbar should look like your first screenshot of 12.7.

What happens when you hover over the separator (raised vertical line) at the far left of the second line, next to the “execute/compile” green arrow? Does your cursor change into a 4 direction arrow? At this point you should be able to drag the entire “execute” toolbar up to the line above.

If you don’t mind losing any menu/toolbar customizations you may have redone, you can R-click on the Editor toolbar and choose “restore defaults”. This may put them on the same line once again as well.

Hello Brad!

The cursor changes to a 4 direction arrow when I hover over the separator left of execute/compile.

I just found out, that I can put all the toolbars in one line, but it must drag all other toolbars into the topmost one (file toolbar).

Since I had the Execute toolbar as the first one I tried to restore my inured order by dragging the other toolbars to this one which doesnt work.

Good to hear you got this one figured out. Thanks for letting us know!

The toolbars/menu is a third party component, so we can’t always get the most desirable behavior out of them.