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Grid sorting on number values


Toad x64.

When display grids should be aware to sort display on numbers like numbers and not like strings. I.E “9” is before “2000”…and so on.

There are all around this problem. So is there any estimation when to fix that.



When you run queries with F5, the data is stored internally as a string, so sorting will be as a string. If you want Oracle to sort your queries, run with F9 (which is more efficient anyway) or include an “Order by” clause.

Hi John,

sounds good when you have ability to have influence…but in Session browser all grid data I have no influence at all.

But thx for the tip with F9.



Oh, Session Browser, OK. Which grid, and which column in that grid of the Session Browser are you clicking on? We try to mimic the same data types as Oracle in these grids, but maybe one of them is off.