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Grouping Problems -- Toad Data Report Only Displays First Group in Data

So, the darndest thing. I’m trying to use an existing report as a template for a new one with different SQL. I have the template saved as an .repx file.

When I add in the new SQL and fields and run the report it will only display the FIRST group from the report. If I’m grouping by county, and I have ‘County 1’ and ‘County 2’, I will only get ‘County 1’ data in the group section. Data from both counties are showing up in the data tab when I run the report.

I can’t find any settings that are limiting the number of groups displayed to ‘1’. Are there?

If I use the Report Wizard to start from scratch and add in that same SQL, it groups out perfectly, both counties will display. If I can’t work around this, then I effectively can’t use templates.

Anyone know how to solve this?

What version of TDP is this? If you make the same report without using the repx file do you get the same results?