Single page report layout duplicating in preview/html

I’ve built a report in TDP pulling summary data from a SQL Server. Total row count in dataset is 48 rows. The data is then piped through a series of different charts. My intent was to have just a single page report. When I click on the preview button, it shows that it is generating 96 pages, 1 page for the charts and then 1 blank page after (duplicated 48 times). I created no sort of hierarchy or grouping because this one pager did not need to be sectioned. I would appreciate any guidance in getting this down to just a single page report.

Currently using



Moving the charts from the detail band to the report header seemed to do the trick for me. Don’t know if this is the best approach, but it gets it down to one page at least.



If you are using the Toad Data Reports you have to put the Chart object in the header band. If you leave in the detail band you will get a chart for every row.