Toad Reports using Local Connection Database

I built a report in Toad using two scripts which are pulling summary and detail data from a the Local Storage Connection, a database I created and 3 snapshots. Is there a reason that when I go to run the report the day after fixing it having no data that it's lost it's data again? I have to re-add the same scripts I created it with and run them for it to show data again. I've done that two days in a row and it's like it loses it's connection with the local storage connection.

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Are you trying to do this via an automation job? We'll need to understand the exact steps you're taking within TDP to troubleshoot or try to reproduce your experience... Please be as detailed as you can.

I'm not doing it in any automation, I used the Report Builder to build the report, I attached the queries as two different tables and created the member relation. If I go to the Reports Manager and open the report and try to run it, there's no data. So I went back into design mode and went to the data tab and reattached the queries, previewed each and then data was showing on the report. It seems like every time I close the report it forces me to refresh the data by reattaching and reruning the queries.

Are you saving your report? Reports are saved with a .TDR type.

I just created a report, saved it, added it to the "User-Defined Reports" folder of the Reports Manager, and it comes up nicely.