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Handling Empty File


I have a process that exports tables from one database to csv files and then imports the files to another database. The import fails and cannot recover when it encounters empty files because the source tables do not have data in them.

Here is the info from the log:
Attempted to import 0 rows.
Successfully imported 0 rows.
Value cannot be null.

Is there a work around for empty files? It seems that if the files are missing then it’s ok, the process can go on. There are 150+ tables that I need to import.



I get the same “value cannto be null”. But it doesn’t terminate the automation script, .which is sounds like it is for you.

Try changing the activity to not Stop on Error. This should let the activities continue. I’ll make a CR for the empty file issue.




I have ContinueOnError but as soon as it hits that empty file, everything else after it stops working.



It doesn’t do that for me. What version of TDA are you using?