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Automation and Import Wizard

I am using Toad for Data Analyst

I currenlty have a working import template that when run standalone loads data from a file to a single table.

I am trying to automate this as there are several files that need to be loaded to other single tables.

Using Automation and Import Wizard, I select the .tim template, save, click Run/Test and get the following error:

Import-XYZ-Extract-Files.log: IMPORT_XYZ - String cannot be of zero length.
Parameter name: oldValue

Thoughts as to what may be causing this error?


Are you trying to import a null string value into a null’s not allowed field? See if you can find the offending record. You can also set the import to load error records to a separate file. Then you can review the records that don’t load. When you are done testing you can uncheck that box if you want the job to fail if it hits an error.

Thanks for the response Greg.

The import template works as designed when run standalone using Tools > Import > Execute Import Template, but when I use teh automation tool and create an import I get the error.

My assumption would be, if I am violating a NOT NULL constraint, then the import template should fail both in standalone and in autiomation, but only the latter occurs.

Thouhgts on why the error occurs in automation but not in standalone?


Make sure your login/server/database are the same for the automation job as your stand alone run. After that, I would recomend upgrading to 3.6, I know there were some bugs but can’t remember specifically to 3.0. I know 3.3 had problems, I am pretty sure 3.1 and 3.2 worked well for me but I like 3.6 that I use now.

Thanks Greg.

I was able to come to a resolution.

When clicking on the Settings object, there are checkboxes that are displayed. I would have put a screenshot in here for prospertity, but do not see that I am able to do so.

I unechecked the box Embed SQL into Automation script, then re-ran automation and the data gets loaded as I would have expected.

Thanks for your help in this matter.