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hange the "Application data directory" for ToadOracle 12.5 via commandline?



is there a chance to change the “Application data directory” from the commandline?

I’d like to utilize this for having a normal toad window where I open session on demand and having another toad window where I have several connections automatically connected during startup.



Hey Thomas,

I think what you’re looking for is the “USERPATH” parameter. If you start TOAD from the command line, and want to use the path “c:\temp” as the application data directory, you would type:

C:\Program Files\Dell\Toad for Oracle 12.5> toad.exe USERPATH=c:\temp

And if your path has a space in it, simply enclose it in quotes:

C:\Program Files\Dell\Toad for Oracle 12.5> toad.exe USERPATH=“c:\temp dir”



Hey John,

Thats awesome! Thanks a bunch!

It works like a charm and really needs neither -USERPATH nor /USERPATH just USERPATH (if some smartass like me thinks just USERPATH isn’t enough)

Is that documented somewhere?



Hey Thomas,

Many of TOAD’s command-line options can be found by typing “toad -?” at the command prompt. It may not be a complete list (I do see that USERPATH is missing), but it should give you almost all of the available options.

This information can also be found in TOAD’s help file, under the topic “Command Line Syntax”.



Hey John,

I’ve had a look at my Toad for Oracle via “Help”->“Contents” and searched for USERPATH and had no match.

Also my “Command Line Syntax” page does not mention USERPATH.

Kind regards