Hashtag game! Tomorrow, let's make #ToadTuesday trend!

Hi All,

Tomorrow, we are kicking off a new daily content feature in Social Media.

We can show your Social Media presence with other Toad users tomorrow using the hashtag, ****#ToadTuesday ****

This is the tweet that will start the hashtag trending:

**Hashtag game! Tweet out how long Toad has been a part of your life! Tag w/ ****#ToadTuesday ******

You could be featured on next blog!

How about investing this time actually fixing and improving the product? Sorry to be a wet towel, but there are feature requests and bugs still dating back to 2014!

Thanks for the response. Allow me to find some answers for you.

  1. Do you have any defect IDs that I could investigate on bug fix status?
  2. Did you have any open SR’s that could be reviewed?
    All Toad products comes out with releases (features, improvements and fixes) twice a year.