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Having Editor opened first and opening new Schema Browser, and changing user settings, switches your active window to the first one (in my case Editor)



Create new connection, have 2 windows opened. First is Editor (or you can open Schema Browser or anything other as well) and second one is Schema Browser

Very important, that you open new Schema Browser.

Make "Schema Browser" active (click on it), change Tables -> Users

Select random user, then click "Alter User" button.

Do random change there, for example, on "Tablespaces" tab, choose another tablespace from the drop down menu, and then you may as well change it back to the one it was.

Then you should have the following sql:

After that you just click OK, and your active window is now changed to Editor, not "Schema Browser"

By the way, now if you repeat the same process again with the same "Schema Browser", then this does not reproduce any more. So that is why you should open new "Schema Browser".


I tried but cannot reproduce it. Let's try boiling it down a bit, correct this if it's wrong.

  1. create a new connection. Editor auto-opens
  2. Manually open schema browser
  3. change schema browser to Users.
  4. Alter a user, make any change, click OK and window closes.

I wasn't sure if Editor+SB opens in step 1 and then you open a 2nd SB. I tried it both ways, but same result....focus always went back to SB.

Your steps are correct.
(Editor is Auto open, and I just open SB additionally)

When opening Toad, first try creating a dummy connection with only Editor opened.
And then create new connection with the steps that I mentioned. And try it then.


Yes, I can reproduce that and will fix.

Final steps are:

  1. Configure Toad to open an Editor (and nothing else) when a connection is made
  2. Make a connection. Editor opens automatically
  3. Make another connection. Editor opens automatically.
  4. Manually open schema browser in 2nd connection
  5. Change schema browser from Tables to Users.
  6. Alter a user, make any change, click OK and window closes.
  7. Focus goes to Editor instead of back to schema browser.
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Cool, thanks.