Help to a basic problem


I am very new to using Toad for SQL. For MS Management Studio, if I execute my sql program, the program can continue to the end eventhough there are errors and the errors can be displayed at one go.

For Toad, any error can stop the program execution. Is there a setting that I can change to mimic MS Management Studio?


When error happens Script Execution Error dialog appears where you can choose whether you want continue or not. And also there is a check box 'Don't prompt me again' if you don't want to see this dialog again
Do you see Script Execution Error dialog when error happens?

It is hard to see under your error msg, but are you running a “create procedure” statement multiple times? You can only create a procedure once. After that to change the procedure and use Alter, or comment statement out to run program in a window multiple times.


AdventureWorks.dbo._ChildTable was initially created. Do not have any annoying pop up messages - they all in Messages tab.

Hope it helps.


Hi Cathy,
See attached file how it looks like in my case. I've executed this script when table


I do change the structure of tables a lot in Toad. I have noticed that I do have this kind of issue. I have to create or alter tables, then reconnect in Connection Manager and even sometimes refresh the database in Object Explorer before it works. I run Toad with a seperate connection for each open editor window, but I do not know if that would make a difference.