Disconnected Session Error Prompt Is A HUGE Annoyance! Workaround??

I use Toad every day, and I’m fine with that most of the time. However, I am getting really, REALLY annoyed with the error prompt that pops up when a session is disconnected. The thing is, I could be doing something arbitrary, like adjusting the formatting options. I make my changes, hit Apply, and up pops the error window saying that the session is disconnected. It’s not like I’m trying to run a query or create a procedure - I’m just applying the formatting changes to the editor. I am getting so frustrated with the reconnection error prompt. Is there any workaround for this that would keep the error message popping up to a minimum? It’s incredibly annoying to the point that I am looking at using other database clients just to avoid that dumb error window!!


Toad doesn’t monitor for connection loss. It only finds out about a lost connection when it tries to do some query. So you even though you aren’t running a query or creating a procedure when the error appears, Toad must be attempting some background query. (You can use Spool SQL to see what Toad is doing). If that query didn’t fail, then the failure would just come along next time you tried to do something that involved a query. So if you want to avoid the lost connection window, the best course of action would be to find out why your connections are getting lost and do something to prevent it.

I do have one thing to add to the above - when you click OK or APPLY in the options window - Toad reloads the list of objects (tables/views/packages) to highlight in the Editor, regardless of if you touched that option or not. I’ll make a change so that we don’t do that unless the option changes.