Toad Data Modeler 3 version Released!

Dear TDM3 users,

I am pleased to infom you that another commercial version of Toad Data Modeler 3 v. has been released.

This version does not bring any new features and enhancements but fixes bugs found in previous TDM3 version

The list of resolved issues can be found in the ReadMe document that is included in the installation package. Also, you can read about the details on the new version in the Release Notes document at:

You can download the new TDM 3 version from:

Updating TDM3 v.

There is one installation package for Commercial, Trial and Freeware version of TDM3. No matter which of these versions you have, please uninstall the previous version from your computer before you install the new version

Updating Commercial TDM3 version: If you are a holder of commercial key, the application will update and launch automatically (you will not be asked to enter your commercial key again).
*(Note: This stands provided that you install the new version to the same directory where the previous TDM3 version was installed.)

Updating Trial/Freeware TDM3 version: After you run the new TDM3 version, it will open in Trial mode automatically. During the 30-day trial period, you will be able to test all features of TDM3. After the 30 days, TDM3 will switch to Freeware mode.

To learn about differences between TDM3 Commercial versus TDM3 Freeware, please read document at:

Using TDM3 BETA?

You can have the TDM3 official version and TDM3 BETA installed on one computer. TDM3 Beta uses different folders for configuration files and other default directories than commercial version. No problem should occur.

Using TDM2?

You can freely use TDM2 and TDM3 at the same time. Both product versions can be installed on your computer and no problem should occur.

Note: Unfortunately, not all databases supported in TDM2 are supported in TDM3. Anyway, we do work very hard on implementing most of them. Thanks for your patience.

Purchase and Support Links

Please visit the site below and click 'Buy Now' on the right:

US and Canadian Customers can place an order directly via E-store:

Page for holders of CASE Studio 2 licenses:

Get Support:
For technical questions on TDM3, please contact Technical Support team at:

BETA Program in Full Swing!

Current latest BETA version is available at:

As soon as another BETA is released, do not hesitate to download it and check out its new features!

Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

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More information here:

Please keep in touch with our TDM team. We appreciate your co-operation in the community very much!

Enjoy new TDM3 v.!

Take care,

Vladka & TDM Team