Help With Viewing Project From Toad For Oracle in Intelligence Central

Previously Intelligence Central Was set up for Toad Data Point (it is the initial way we connect to Intelligence Central) and projects were uploaded/published to the folders created while using Toad Data Point.
When I start and Connect Toad For Oracle, I can log into Intelligence Central inside Toad for Oracle, using the same id I use in Toad Data point, but the folders for the projects are empty, where in Toad for Data Point the projects are visible.

What do I need to do to be able to see the projects in Toad For Oracle like I see in Toad Data point. Any help is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.

Toad for Oracle did not code support for published projects like Toad Data Point. Actually, there was not enough use for published items in Toad for oracle and connecting to Intelligence Central has been removed in later versions.
On the other hand Toad Data Point and Toad Intelligence Central continue to add enhancements. In January 2019, version 5.0 will be released and there are two new exciting features --> Secured Folders and Toad Intelligence Health Checks. Check them out:heart_eyes: