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Need to share Toad Views and Projects between a desktop and a laptop

I have a TOAD Data Point installed desktop ver 3.8 and a laptop ver 4.1 and am looking for a way to share TOAD Views and Project Info between the two any idea on how to do that? Or can TOAD Views/Projects be sync’d some how (export and import).

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you can export your projects by clicking on the ‘save’ icon on the Project Manager tab. Then you can send them, share them, etc., by sending the file or putting it on a network share, etc. Then you can open the saved project file in your new version.

You can also ‘publish’ these to Toad Intelligence Central (TIC) and have access to them from there.



Thanks for your reply, sorry for the delay in responding to your response. I have two PC’s that I use TOAD on, so what I was looking for was if I add something to TOAD views/Project Manager on one machine I want to be able to see it on the other. So I moved the project file to a shared location and have both PC’s looking at that folder. Now I just need to be sure that when I add an item to the Project Manager it has a URL rather than a drive letter. I have not figured out a way to link the TOAD views in the same manner. Any ideas would be helpful.

If you are using Toad Intelligence Central you can publish the project manager and files. When you publish it takes all of the files and puts them on the server in the same project manager configuration. Then anyone who you have shared that project with can download and get a copy of the file and project and use. I use this all the time. When I work out a demonstration for a user I work on it at home and put all my files in new project. Then I publish to a shared Toad Intelligence Server and then go to work and down load the project. Works like a charm.

I don’t usually use Toad Views but I see there is an Add to Project menu item so I would assume we coded for this. Adding to project manager usually adds just the file path. Publishing should place Toad View in Toad Intelligence Central.


Thanks for the reply. We are actually just starting to explore the Intelligence Central (IC) option. Based on the info Mark provided I was able to find the TOAD Views folder and just copied the files from both pc’s essentially combining them on each machine. Might try some nightly sync until I can figure out IC.