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How can I import a BLOB into an existing ORACLE table?

I have used the TOAD ‘Export Blobs (Longs, Raws)…’ feature to export blobs from an Oracle table into individual files. We had to send to those files to a vendor to be upgraded to a new version. The vendor has returned the updated files to us and each blob is in a separate file (name of the file is the key to table where it will be stored). I need help in finding a way to get these updated files back into the table that they were exported from.

Has anyone done this?

There’s no “import blobs” function in Toad that will take these files and re-import them. You can do it manually by going to the data tab in the Schema Browser and double-clicking on the BLOB column, then manually finding the file for each row, but I can understand how that would get tedious if you have lots of blobs.

It sounds like a useful enhancement though. I’ll add it to my ‘to-do’ list.

In the meantime though, you could probably put them in a folder on the server and write some pl/sql to import them using dbms_lob.LoadFromFile.

John -

Thanks for the quick response. I will look into the PL/SQL option as there are thousands of these sketch files that have to be imported/updated back to Oracle. This would be a nice enhancement.

Best regards -