How can I install Toad for Oracle on a stand-alone pc which is not connected to the internet?


I downloaded the 12.7 version of Toad for Oracle toad_for_oracle_2015_x64_full.exe which is larget than 700 mb.

Then I copied the file and installed it in another machine which is not connected to the internet.

The installer didn’t work bacause no internet connection is working,

The question is how to install Toad having a machine which is not connected to the internet.?

Copy the install file to a USB drive.

No. Please read again the question.

Oh, I see. You could try this:

  1. Install to a PC that IS connected to the internet

  2. Copy the install folder (C:\Program Files\Dell\Toad For Oracle) to the non-internet machine via a thumb drive.

  3. Create a shortcut to Toad.exe to run it.

I think this will work, but when it comes time to uninstall, you’ll have to do it by just deleting files.

Thanks but this way will not update the windows registery and may be the software won’t work. Have you try that?

I have used this method and never had any problems. If you have any problems, let us know and we’ll to help you.