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How can we compare a Table(its properties like Indexes, Grants comparison ) in Oracle 10G of TEST environment with the same table after upgrade to 11G in other environment like in DEV

Hi All,

We are going to upgrade our database from 10 G to 11G. First we want to do in Dev environment, then we want to compare tables & their properties of both 11G(after upgrade in DEV) and 10G(Presntly used in TEST).

Could any one please help me how to do it.

And also wants to know the PROC/TRIGGER execution times in both environments(for 10 & 11). Is there any tools/Scripts for this? if yes please provide.

toad schema compare

Will it work for this senario?

I mean, one table is in Oracle 10G & other one is in Oracle 11G. So, Can i use Compare schema for this senario?

yes - that’s what it’s for exactly - read the help and some TW blogs/movies

on this feature

Thankyou :slight_smile:

Can you help on the second qn? Is there any tool/script to analyze or get the execution time of triggers & procs?

toad profiler