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How can we customize spacing in TOAD formatting options?

I’ve noticed that TOAD has a formatter feature. This would really be a BIG productivity booster for me… if I could figure out how to set it up correctly.

I was able to set up most of the rules to do what I want, but I’m stuck at how to handle the spacing. I want to use spaces, not tabs for spacing. However, the spacing naturally depends on what statement it is.

E.g. the word ‘if’ is two characters long, so I want the statements in the if block to have 3 spaces, like:

if condition_is_true then
end if;

On the other hand, the word ‘when’ has four characters, so I want the statements under it to have 5 spaces:

when others then
do something();

The same goes for ‘select’, ‘where’, ‘from’, etc.

How do I specify a spacing rule for each type of statement/clause?

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