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Spacing in formatted code


This relates to Toad for Oracle, Beta

I just noticed the spacing that the formatter applies between real code and – comments or /* comments
has increased from 1 to 2 positions. The same applies between a column name and its type definition.

Some_Column Varchar2(5 char)

now has an additional space…

Was this done on purpose? Would it be feasible to create a parameter for this behavior in the spacing tab?

Kind regards,
Abe Kornelis


Ideally the spaces in the declaration should obey the formatter options -> Operators & Punctuations -> Parentheses settings. Can you please confirm this holds true?

The extra space before the comment came to occur as of QP5 version 5.311. This is a small bug indeed. I fixed it and could add it to today’s qp5 build 5.319 so you’ll see it next week. (QP-2628)



My setting for Parentheses is “Compact” - and indeed the parenthesized part has no unneeded spaces.

The additional space occurs between the column name and its type identifier VARCHAR2.

Kind regards,